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Folio Number 43 STWR Number 2835

Entry Form For Noting and Registration on


There must be adequate proof of weaving of a tartan to be recorded. The best evidence is a woven sample showing the full sett. Please enclose a sample with this completed form.

Tartans Name MURTAUGH

Proposer (name/firm putting tartan up for Recording) Stephen M. Murtaugh

Designer. Don. S. Smith, Heraldic Graphics.

Design date 16th October 2001.

Description and history of Family, Clan, Organisation or Business involved directly with this Tartan.

  1. Why was the Tartan produced ? As a family tartan in the name of Mutaugh for use by anyone of that name including the spellings Murtagh and Murtough.
  2. Thread Count. (The Register will fill this in if sample enclosed.)

Dark Red 8; Black 8; Tan 8; Dark Yellow 4; Tan 4; White 4; Tan 4; Dark Yellow 4; Tan 4; White 4; Black 8; Dark Blue 6; Black 4; Dark Blue 48; White 4; Black 4; Tan 6; Black 6; White 4; Dark red 8; Black 4: Using full counts at pivots.

3. The Register offers two levels of recording :-

a.) ‘Registration’ where a certificate is issued displaying the record. Cost £50

b.) ‘Noting’ A level for tartans the Register encounters that must be added to the Register. This level is used to hold tartans before they are formally Registered. No charge

Tartan is controlled by social convention and in many cases with informal agreements between weavers etc.. The Register will record these arrangements in the interest of convention and to help in the smooth running of the tartan trade.

Fill in the last five questions for this purpose.

5. Where was the Tartan found or who wove it ? Woven by D.C. Dalgliesh, Selkirk.

  1. Who has seen it woven ? N/a
  2. What is the purpose of the tartan ? Family tartan.
  3. Is there anyone controlling its use ? No.
  4. Is anyone controlling its production ? No.

Name Stephen M. Murtaugh Signed…………………………………. (Don S. Smith)

Address 5654 Sandra Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15236-3332 Date………………..

Enclosed a Cheque/Cash for £50 made out to the "Scottish Tartans World Register" YES/NO

Return this form to :- Tartan Administration, The Glack, Dunkeld, PH8 0ER, Scotland (UK)

e-mail; "Tartan Administration"