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I don't have all the dates secure yet, but I'll post this anyway.

Our Irish ancestor was Harry/Henry Murtaugh , born somewhere in Co. Mayo. c.1845? Died in 1910 in Pittsburgh. The Family says he had 3 brothers, who all came over to America; His wife was Ellen Murphy. Harry had about 15 children. Harry arrived in America sometime between 1863 and 1880.

The 1st child, James, was born 1862 in Co. Mayo, he eventually moved to California in the 1930's. He had two sons, James, who stated in Pittsburgh and died in 1960, and John, who went to California.Then there was a son Harry who died around 1940. He had Harry, William, Ann-Marie, and a daughter who died in 1940, age 17. There was a son Pat who had 2 sons; Harry and Silvester. Harry died about 1996; he had a son Harry; who also had a son Harry (my 4th cousin) ; both lived in Bethel Park, young Harry has since moved out of the area. There was a daughter Kate, who married a Frank Dusch and had 3 sons, Harry Frank and Joe; and a daughter Stella, who married a Stein and had Sr. Mary Hugh, Huey, and Bill. Another daughter, whose name is not recalled married a Kennedy and moved to Chicago. There was a set of twins that died at birth.

My Grandfather John was the 14th born in 1895, died in Pittsburgh in 1960. William, the last, was born 1896/97 and died (March 21) one week before my grandpap (March 27), in 1960. My grandpap John married Gertrude Mundy (b.1898,d.1988) (descended of Mundys and Berches)and had 8 children: Margaret, Jack, Elizabeth, Kate, Joseph (my dad), William, Joanne, and Donald.

Margaret married a Maxwell, and died around 1965, had two children: Mark, who married Cathy Masciatonio and adopted 2 children; Alaina and Marissa; and Curt. Jack married Pearl and has 3 children: Grace, David, and John. Elizabeth has seven children, Cathy, Linda, Joan, Debby, Beth, Johnny and Meg. My dad (Joe) had 3 children; Stephanie Flinn, with 3 children : Stacy, Ian and Zoe; Stephen and Mike with son Brandon, Kate married Ken Amiano and had 2 children Susan and Ken, William died around 1980, Donny married Connie Winters, has 1 son (Don), and Joanne has 6 children: Chris, Greg, Valerie, Laura, Julie and Mary; with her husband Robert Spragg.

This generation and the next spread out from Pittsburgh. With some in S.Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Many, however are still within the Pittsburgh Area.

Grandpap always maintained that we were related to the Danny Murtaugh family based in Chester, PA.


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